Saturday, December 4, 2010


1.bowling... hut..
8.main hujan!
one more week for toefl result..huwa2~!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pak Long Selagi Ada Rindu

tq myself!

You did a right decision!

life is something can be as hard as it can..and sometime can be easy as what u want.!but..when it comes to something that you have to accept that is actually maybe the beginning of the happiness!you are right when u leave me in this way!and i think you are right to treat me like this!yes!it was my fault because i never realize what i had done to you!even it is a while..but it is hard!u r suffering with this pain!then is u leave me in this way!u r right because i can know how hards to accept something that is totally hard to be accepted~!what's to do!when it comes to lOVE..u such in freaking lies~!u and me..!almost everything what we had done is useless!u didnt even feel what is love for me!u even know how i love u!and then...u never see what is love !yeahh!love is actually romantic ,supporting,encouraging and motivating!but had we done all of these rules!?yes we didn't!and now,,it's over between you and me!i wish u luck in all ur doings!AND one thing that i've to tell u that.!i really appreciate you!and this is what u had chose to be ...and yes!u r being single for ur life!go seeks forgiveness from HIm.!pray a lot!and one thing!if u had found someone that really can be replaced with me!and he's really love u..and he didn't bring you the the wrong track!do tell me!i got to know..and maybe it's the time when i have to accept the most sad moment in my life and that time!please be disappeared from me becasue i can't effort to see you!!!gudbye love!
my god bless you!i'll try my best to give what u want to!but i don't know what i can do to make u hate me as what u wish to!i'm sorry!

Friday, November 12, 2010

prolonged frustration

uwahhh..why ?i got no reason to tell why ..but for sure's killing me ..please be sincere what do u want from me??anything that i can change??anything that u can confess with..anything that can make u happy .?anything that is not hurt u??but..u've to know..i've been trying and it's hard to get into it.=(

Monday, November 1, 2010

b or repeat!

i have to ch0ose either one...b or repeat..i think i'm g0nna to's imp0rtant to raise up my cgpa!huhu

Sunday, October 31, 2010


i feel like crying...i d0nt kn0w what was happening..oh me..i want to is so me..give me back what i used to get..i need it me..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

one republic-

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess

'Til all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I've been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that were like those years
I'm sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

My God, amazing how we got this far
It's like we're chasing all those stars
Who's driving shiny big black cars
And everyday I see the news
All the problems that we could solve

And when a situation rises
Just write it into an album
Singing straight, too cold
I don't really like my flow, no, so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that were like those years
I'm sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Oh, got no reason, got not shame
Got no family I can blame
Just don't let me disappear
I'ma tell you everything

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that were like those years
I'm sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away

So Tell me what you want to hear
Something that were like those years
I'm sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics never jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away
All my secrets away, all my secrets away

final punye st0ry

final exam n final b0la sepak?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's november evelvent!

it's 11 months!it's my first first time to have a gf till it exceeded 11 months!

Monday, October 4, 2010

this tonite,,

what am i doing at 2.15 i online-ing on facebook??palying computer games??what else??...uwahhhhh..i did amaze of myself when i flashing back about the last nonsense...uwahhhh..this new's really gonna to be a record!a world record..haha..i just knew life in intec..what is study ..and how to dic=vide ur time well..first test reminds me about the time..i have no time to play around bcoz time is goingto an end!the end when it decided where's my next station..UNITED STATES..or just staying in MALAYSIA..which one are u prefer first aje??if u didnt go to the states it means that u r a great losel..LOSER...LOSER...uwahhh..can't accept that thing in my mind!shud be avoided from talikng about such terrible thing people..!think positive!we can do it!the GOD had determined ur place!but..ohhh god,,,,i'm begging to you!i wanna go to the states!achieve my dreams!for sure!a biotechnologist.!i just wanna go there!take as much knowledge as i can!and do something good for my country and religion for my dad!for my mom!family!! and finally.pray for our happiness ..may god bless us!besides that!my love!she's mine!i love her so much!=0

Sunday, July 25, 2010

nayo's weekend

this weekend ..shud be one of the great weeknd as i completed all the tasks below.!~haha with wan nor syamimi-always laughing2!make me worried! up with nayo-unstable body position!
3.celebrate amal's besday-not enough food ! up with my dad.-coool ,new shoes,new beg and nasi kandar for sure!
5.futsal inpro-third place,i didnt score for penalty shot! .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

scrap;tomorrow quiz!

hopefully the first quiz will be sumthing sum people sayin that ...starting with the good result and ending with a better result!so what..tomorrow might be the first quiz~!still hoping for the god's mighty to get a good result..dunno..this sem..i have been so serius for my calculus class as i have target!i want to get an's not easy to get's not possible as it's possible..but..i dun think that i have enuf exercises so far..and this is just the first few days of the class...what's next ?hopefully it's not hard as common rumors that calculusII is very2 hard to's is..but at least ...i want and A-..i want it ..can anyone please give me an A?

ok3!have to sleep earlier so that i have enuf energy to apply all knowledge that i had have in the exam tomorrow morning!=)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2.44 a.m

talking about the's the time to roomates having millions of dreams at 2.44a.m..but's different for me bcoz at 2.44a.m..i just finished my calculus exercises..uwaaaaaaaaaaaa...i'm sick of calclulus ..desperate to get an A..ohh me again to make it real..i wanna i wanna i wanna to get an A ..please..please..please..i'm begging to you god..give me an A for calculus..i want to prove to my my dad!i was insulted by my dad words when he said ..alaaa...blajar pon xlepas pointer nak kereta baru..uwaaaaa...heyyy la..uwaaaaaaaaaa..that's totally not a good advise..he always telling that words ..y dunt he applies other motivation method to advise me instead of using harsh words....i guess..harsh rite??hahaha..but it's ok bcoz of that sentence..i have been inspired to do better in my studies!who knows i'll get an A for calclulus bcoz of that will be witnesses to my victory soon..will see ya..i'm in full of spirit for calclus..make its consistence and steady...what we call as..istiqamah rite??huhuh..

ok..bye2..2.44a.m..2.54 a.m calling me to sleep!hua3..

Monday, July 19, 2010

sick of calculus II..

ohh god..hopefully you will give me a super power to do calculus very be such brilliant person!i want to get an A for calculus..i want to prove to myself and to my family that i can do it!i used to be good in math!but y not calculus..i'm sick of feeling bad of calculus!i dunno what to do when i have no choice..i have to do whatever given by lecturer!i have to get an A..god..give me ur bless..give me ur mighty..give my ur brilliant..send me an angle to guide me to do calculus exercises.!avoid me from any setan that disturbing my mind to be lazy as what i used to be..can u please guide me to the right part and avoid any such disgusting thing that may embarrassing me!
i just waiting ur mighty god to give such a brilliant ideas and mind that can i apply in calculus..haha..

what is my mom promise?
change hp if u got A for's damn cool rite?=)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

where to ?

where to go when u have no destination?what is goal?what do u want?what do u need?what else?
who in ur mind?who are u?when do u want?which type do u like?

that is the question when we are talking about destination..uwaaahhh,,i have no regret to feel bad of myself..becoz for now..i'm doing bad thing that i havent done.when is the ending of this trashing action?i have to stop from doing such bad things as i don't want these activities annoyed me too much!yeah..for now,,,i noe that i'm not normal enuf and i'm not good as wat u expected from me..what dont i always remember my mom and my dad advises?who are they for me?they are the one who really concern about me...i did somehting wrong that i have to stop..i got the lesson and i havent think cafefully...what are the effects of all these things if i keeping doing bad?what shud i do to feel some regrets and guilty towards it?=(

i want to go to the states,,i have to get 4 flat for calculus II..and i have to score for other subject as well..

for this sem..i'll be taking calculusII ,chemistry,biology and islamic studies..chemistry?i have to get a good result as i used to be a good chemistry learner when i was in secondary school,,and biology..i have to get at least 3.0..ig good willing..and for calculus..i've to get at least a-..can i?
what is my cgpa if i get A- for cal II..A for chemist and B for biology..?
A for lab and islamic stuy.4x3=12
B for biology 3x4=12
A- for cal 3.66x5=18.3
B+ for pricnciple of chemistry 3.33x3=9.99
cgpa=2.96..uwaaaaaaahh~!!!nk graduate kat intec dngan 3 pointer and above!!!!please..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

visit to rumah nur salam!='( are so nice and cute!..that was a great charity visit to rumah nur salam bcoz it was my first ever charity visit..yes..i like kids so much..even my cousins pun like me too much..children .. you are beautiful and can influence the heart, you are naughty and cute .. but .. when reminded again .. why did you stay there? why your parent left you there? I would like to ask about your parents. . Where are they?what is your responsibilities??who are you??how could leaving your kids to other person to t8 care of them??that is your responsibility!u have to t8 care of them..that is totally different between parent loves and nanny loves~!i just imagined myself at ur place..=(
i can't!!that is hard ..where is my brother?my sister??my house??my bicycle??do i have to line up for the food when i was a child? kindergarten ..but not at home!your life has been controlled by the are kids!not a prisoner..u didnt do anything are innocent!you don't know anything..??when is the ending of all suffering in ur life?where is ur relatives??why they didnt care about you??who will visit you ??uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...please them..give them a better future..they have to go to the school..gain some knowledge..they should !!!if not?who's gonna to t8 care of them when they become a teenager?
about they story..still xboleh lupa pasal akak..that girl yg baju purple..when i bring her close to the window..she keeps calling her mother...mama..mama..mama..and i asked her..where's mama??and she just simply point to the any women on the street.
that's very heartbreaking..kakak makan bnyak2 ok..bljar rajin2..=(
and about a boy plak..,namenya imran..dia tanya,,kenapa abg dtg cni..then i answered..nk tgk adik la.then dia gtaw..nak duduk dgn abg...then i like xtahu nak ckp touched my heart.=(..
i can't say anything..and your name is like my cousin name..imran..but you both are very cousin is very lucky bcoz his parents a contractor..anything that he wants..just tell to his mama..then he will get what he wished to get..easy right?uwaaaa..and b4 i leave imran..i told him to t8 care and makan banyak2 bia jadi gemok..=(
that was the best ever weekend that i have.beside of just doing's better for me to do sumthing good even it just once in my life..thanks god for this opportunity and for my childhood easy life with my parents!..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

satu minggu lagih!

the clock is still rotating..the time is going..going to the end..friends are leaving you ajeyy..they are going to the United states!!no more 11 guys in ur group..TEMAD,ZAIM,SAPEKK,PILUS,OMAR,HAZIM AYAM,AREPP LONDEH!..yg tinggal aku,mC,cawak and aiman messi..damn sad!!makin hari makin sayang,,that's our rule..luaran sumenyee nmpak kasar dalamnyee ader taman!taman yg dihiasi dengan bungaan2 mawar...sapek and abgnyee..zaim and adikknyee,temad and syazzie nyee..hazim dgn panjangnyee ..cawak pon dengan infinity punya crite...pintu hatinyee diketuk oleh dua wanita..yg punya ciri selama ini mc cari...hahah..guesss who?..then aku ddengan c++ nyeee..kegilaaan semakin menjadi2..kesakitan otak aku !!!..adoi..nak ungkit2 crite spnjang stahun kat intec mmg agak2 panjang!!!daripada aku xtahu ape2,,sehingga aku ++nbyak perkara!!!iwaaaaa..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

crazy futsal!

futsal2..skrang kau lah tempat aku nak lepaskan geram..ngeeeee....aku sepak bola..aku rase happy...aku sepak orang ..lagi la aku happy...dari kecik dah mmg kaki main,,how to do .. I was kind of like to play..mmg la..adoi..bola ke..hoki ke..futsal ke..olahraga ke..sumenyee aku minat...uwaaaaa....klu teringat balik zaman2 main nie..agak la terharu..tgk org disarungkan medal pom ader rase nak ngangis..that;s the truth..mmg xlehh tpu..sbb xtahu nak explain macm maner happy nyee klu dpt sesuatu yg hasil daripada kita..*satisfied*...dulu ..nak pegi sekolah sukan bukit terbantut..sbb dapat 5A in my upsr..klu x..mmg dah jadi sportsman la aku xpe..ade hikmah disebalik nyee..whatever,,main just untuk happy and kepuasan! i like to be cheered !xleh belahh,..buject superstar!haha

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

09/06/..not much!

today quiz was very bad!got 25marks..contained 4 qustion..that's hard!!!!!!!uwaaaaaa..i can't answer's very hard.. question no 3 damn blurr..dunno what to write..terrible..scary...mcm2 dah jadi..adoii..redha jea la..function pom xtahu jgk..c++ also got function ma...this function is not easy as calculus function ma..then..went to eat at paksu corner ma..6.50 ma...dah biase la 2..air boleh refiil ma
..then petang futsall..aku xderr mood sangat nak main ma..sakit hati..sakit ulser..mcam2..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

fourth of june ..

friday morning it is a very good day..the day for muslim to improve themselves to be a good muslim..that sound good rite?hhoho..but the truth is..i was sleeping on the bed while my handphone alarm ringing and ringing..uwaaahh..damn nice to have this beauty sleep..moreover, last nite i slept at 4 o'clock...although the time is already 10 oclock...what did i do??to be frank..i do nothing...wasting my time..i cannot sleep..thinking about sumthing....i dont know why i always think about that..although i dont want to think about it..haha..that sunthing is secret 0ok..then at 2 o'clock.i driving back to my hometown>>kelantan terindah darul naim...that was a long journey's 7 hours from shah using my old fashioned car...=|..too sloooww maa..

after 7 hours ...I'm arrived home..hehe..i miss my family a lot..they are so meaningful to grandmother also at my home..hehe..she likes to make joke..when entering to my house.she pretending to die..uwaaa..she covered herself with blanket, funny..but scary..

then at night..i went to minum teh tarik at bandar just 3minutes from my home..that was cool..because i like to hang around's 2 o'clock..huhu.but..while having my teh brother got a shock when i was fainted ! first..i can feel the world become darker and darker..then i was like to lay on the table,,but it;s plastic table and teh tarik also on that table..i can't head dizzying a got spinning..i can stand on my feet..then ..i felt on the ground,,,haha..that was funny..but do u think it's serious..uwaaa..i have been suffered with this symptom since last 4's low blood pressure !and also hypo tension..the same disease with my father..haha..i got some scratches on my head and legs,.sakit urat!adoii..

now i'm recovering myself to be ok as soon as possible..i went to gymnasium and jog a lil bit and also playing badminton..just to balanced up my blood circulatory system!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


pourquoi il est arrivé? Je ne sais pas toute seule chose que voulez-vous de moi?? pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît me dire ce qui se passe?? qu'est-ce que tu veux de moi?? je ne suis pas assez bon pour vous? just over..between you and more sweet more ice more more more more just over when u decided so!i just fade up to hear your words!it is meaningless!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


errrkkk...just a smile..=)

duhai hati

je suis tres triste parce qu'il y a une personne qui me blesser..why it always disturb's unfair...parce qui?...i have no mood to talk about this anymore..sometimes it ok..but msot of the's not..ohh god,,please reborn me..i want to be a baby..then grow up..i want to forget the past.and i want myself to be the one who i used to be..i'm not who i'm am..i've change a lot...i want to be an AJE..the one who has high commitment..naughty..brave..curious..sengal..tolol..bahlul..happy go i missed all of them..please come back!i need all of that atitude!haha

Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy birthday mom

i love u so much..u r the best mom..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm waiting for JUNE..

june is just so mean for me..i had have very great june since last 2 years.. i dont know how to say about my feeling toward you, june just a june...june..uwaaaaa..i maybe fall in love with you june..the reason is easy..june 2008 and june 2007 ware great changes had been done..flashing back about the last the eve of june 2008..around 2300..i broke up with 4girlfriend i regret with that..totally nope..i was so happy and glad because june has give me everything..starting at that time..i totally transform to be from problems at all...1.june 2008 is so meaningful as i started to put more2 effort to my studies..enough for 6 months enjoy and sports...and i did a good decision as i got a okey result..then..this june..starting from now..i'm thinking wat i gonna to do?what is the change that i want?at at first will be sunthing god-willingness...

Monday, May 24, 2010

updating about my self..

skarng..jiwa agak kacau tp still in good condition..rase2 ngn awek xbrape xpe..aku ah mcm boleh adapt dah ...xtaw nk ckp ape ag..msg2 pom jarang dah...col2 pom sminit dua mini jea..skrang tunggu mase jea la...lame2 ok la kadang2 dtg jgk pk negetive kan..rase mcm suram la ape pk pk..xgune jugakk..xtahu keadaan yg sbenar..nk layan perasaan aku mmg xkan siap la...aduhai...summer sem aku mcm follow jea arus hidup...skejap jae..xpayah pk susah2...hidup aku dgn common,,,repeat tiap2 hari menda same jea..C++ pom aduai..bnyak jgk kerje...xpenah stop..naseb baek ader jgk pokjat..slalu jgk tolong aku..huhuhu..xkrang xtahu la ape orang pk pasal aku..aku dah xnakk kesah dahh...nak pk aku baik ke jahat la..aku pom xtahu sbenarnyee aku nie jenis mcam maner...just dengar jea kata2 korang..skrang hidup aku nie mls nak fikir2 sangat..nak lepak2 jea,,buang masa jea tyme summer sem sem bz plak...fall kan..lepas 2 spring...leaps 2 summer again..cepat nyee mase berlalu..lamenyee nk fly..kne usaha lebeyh nie..

p/s:nahhh korang yg dah taw blog aku,,,,nk suh aku update sangat.!

jangan reveal ttg kewujudan blog ini..

dear friends..for those who has been discovered about the existent of my blog..please don't tell to other..actually.aku nak main2 jea la tulis..ingat kan korang xkan jumpe..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

happy in worry

what the hell this title ?happy in worries?? what do you want?? happy or worry? is very hard to put in plain words..but I chose that title for my boring section tonite..yes..i’m happy right now…worry?yes I am…uwaaa..why both come together??u me to find the activities was very unpredictable and unconsciously happen..i even don’t know in real what I want to do and what I don’t want to do for today..uwaaaa..okeyh..started at 6.13..i woke up ..perform my was not early..because this is home not at cendana college..i performed my subuh then t8 a fast nap or in clear words..sleep again..hehe..then I woke up at 10 something..uwaaa..sms-es with dear mimi ..(the name that saved in my hp)..miss her so much as I thought yesterday was the last day of our date ..sob3..she’s going to play bowling after zohor at kbmall..uwaaa,,,I can’t go there,,I’ve to fetch my younger sister,akmal ucuk at mara kuala krai..damn mish her a lots..then I went out for lucng with hafeeze @PG at medan machang..hehe..he eat together with his girlfriends and other his ex-classmates..all gurls..huhu..he told me to sit beside him,,but I refused dor cetain reasons..who knows I reall avoid to sit with other girls..then at 2 ,,my dad called me to notice to me about my sister..don’t forget about ur sister ..go t8 her at 2…ok !then I drove to mara kuala krai…it was very short as just 15minutes journey..i didn’t know about this..heheh..while in journey I sms-ing with mimi seems bad as I unconsciously gave hope to her to meet her at kbmall..uwaaa..what the hell have I told to her?it just a simple kidding I guess..but it seems to be serious..then I really2 want to go to kbmall because of that simple promised..suddenly, the rains coming down…haha….cannot go la..bcause my st plan to go by moto kapcai..haha..then cannot go la..then what happening to mimi?she looks frustrated and bad was not a promise yet..don’t bad mood..i raelly2 fell bad if u bad me..uwaaa..trying to pujuk..but it seems to be nothing,,,sob..fall asleep as think too many..then woke up..i changed my mind..i go la..for you… there for one hour seems to be very fast..i really2 donno what I’m I really want to go to kb?/uwaaa…ok la..i go for the reasons to buy shock and short machang don’t have all these items?am I rite?hehe...i go there to play bowling with was a nice game as mimi was declared as a Malaysia bowling player..she’s good and accurate to longkang..hehe..that was the story..then go back more’s 12 oclock..forgot..why i chose this topic??becasue now i'm happy..but worry about who to keep this relationship okeyh as i never think about other girl in my life..uwaaa

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

today hang out..

today os our last day for date..because tomorrow i have to go to kuala day after tomorrow i've to go to pulau perhentian(family trip) sad..6minggu lagi baru dapat jumpe lagi..sob3......woke up at 6.30..then msg2 a while..then antar mak pergi skolah..huhu.umi aku cakap..aje anta umi k lau nak gune krete..hehe..ok mom..aje anta..hehe..p hantar..beli nasik..then balik umah..hehe..adik ku demam..xpergi skolah..adik2 mai pergi klinik...adik xboleh tdo jea..nanti makin teruk demam..adik jwb:xnakkkkkkk...uwaaaaa..xnak p klinik..adik2..makan ubat jea dah ok..xpom minum air..xpom mkn nasi..adik jwb:xnakkkkkkkkkkkkkk...adoi..lagi panjang jwbnye..urm..xnak sudah..hehe..tggu2 mase berjalan ..sampai kul 8..then tertido..kul9.45 baru bgun..hhee..mandi2 ,shampoo sket,,then pakai baju..kul 10.30 bertolak pergi bbq dengan memey mecdeq..biase la ...cuti2 nie memey mecdeq la.hehe..dah odw p kb..then tnye mecdeq,nk naik kete ape??toyota ke kete waja?haha..waja...uwaaa..memilih..knape..??kete abg xder aircond..panas ,,xromantik..haha..mcam2 skrang..dlu awal2 date naik kete buruk jea..dah naik skali..terus xnak lagi..haha..padan muke..then gtaw mimi..pergi ngn kete toyota nie..hehe..cuak sket die..bersedia la mental and fizikal k??hehe..then sampai la ke destinasi..pengkalan kubur..atau telaga lenas..hehe...then tggu mimi..datang la die tergedek2..uwaaa..tgk muke die dah cukup nk pujuk aku yg sedih sbb smlm kne tinggal macam 2 jea..uwaaaa..then p pengkalan kubur..jalan2 jap..then minum air...air milo beng 2..huhu..minum2 air...then bayar..and tetibe ..mimi bawak gelas skli nk pergi..oi..nak curi gelas ke mimi??haha..adoi..apenie...malu2..hehe..then letak la gelas,,nasib baik xder orang nampak..hehe..klu x malu besar..then pergi jalan2..makan chicken chop..best2..hehe..boleh tahan wlupun kedai nampak cikai..jangan judges book by its cover..haha..then p smyang..huhu..then balik umah mimi..borak2 dengan abg mimi?(abg li) n others..tanye sal minyok..sedak la kijo g2..2000+ sehari boleh dapat..huhu..untung2..sbulan lau macam 2..dah 60000,,,banyak kan..hehe..then p BBQ!uwaaa..bakar2 ayamm and amik2 gambar..sedih2 nak tinggal nie..pesan2 dlu...xnakkkk gadoh2 jea...penat....then dah hbs bbq balik..salam dlu ngn abg..nk tinggal ..=(
uwaaaa..goodbye..amik baju jersi hoki as peneman tidoo ok..miss u a lots..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

menerima sesuatu yang xleh diterima..

sakit kepale+sejokk kaki..i'm trying to avoid think about that..yeas..i did it...but my legs and haed still rase "ngaaa ngaaa ngaaa"...then sejok2 beragin naik ke atas..kenape kah...dah pandai buat pandai tanggung...just to be fair..i'll try my best...when I try to be seems hard..when i try to lie..i can' answer is honest even it hards ...=(

menyelam sambil minum air=)

apekah itu menyelam sambil minum air??do two works in one time..isn't it?that was happend to me just woke up at 11..uwaaaa...last nyte tdo lewat sangat..kul 4 baru tdo..buat ape?huhuh..t8 a very fast shower ..uwaaaa. at 11a.m still cold..the water biting my skin..sejok la!huhu...then calling2 my frineds to hang out for general and scientificially to play futsal at real 7 futsal ....huhuu..pagi2 tu mmg la xder orang nak main..kire2 orang ader 8orang...uwaaa..nak main fitsal ape 8orang,,,then call2 kawan..calling my friends from politech kok lanas..yea..they have a team to played with them..pukul brape main ??3??aik2..smlm set at 3??why suddenly change? lied from pokko..he knows i'll be late if he tell it is at 2..i ordy at kbmall..we went to eat at kakwook stall..that nasik keropeh amat sedap sangat...hehe...murah pom murah...ayam banyak ..air tea o beng +nasik keropeh yang banyak n lauk banyak onli 4 ringgit..really2 cheap and satisified with that price..after that ,we went to play pool..hehe..the result is usual..i lost...then one of my friend PG with his gf..uwaaa..jelous2 they can hang out..ok2..i wait my GF too...mimi mekdik...datanglah..cepat2..hehe..3.12..she arrived..dia nak main bowling dengan abg n kakak die..taw2 penuh plak..hehe..then xjadi main kat they went to billion..but b4 go to billion shopping center..we have to use our time wisely and effectively,,go makan aiscream first..walking..walking..and walking toward kedai aiscream..who is the waiter?hopefully kelmarin punye waiter xkerje hari nie..dah garang..marah aku..xbetol !!kepale senget!hehe..jeng2 ..orang lain waiter..a lil bit nice la..tegur customer baik2 aja..huhu..then coklat aiscream ordered!then eat together2 ..check line dulu nak suap pom..haha..kiri kanan ats bawah..ader kakak mimi x??xder..bukak mulut..muahh!hehe..makan aiscream...check line lagi,,nak suap lagi..cepat2..bukak mulut..muahhx.makan lagi..hehe..amik gambar pulok?then check line lagi,,,takut kantoi..malu2!hehe..dah dapat!satu keping gambar bersama..then pergi kat sad lau nk kne tinggal gak..nak pergi main futsal da nie..shake hand st..mintak restu..hehe..uwaaa..sad=(..
esok jumpe lagi....

then p main futsal..plitech team a quite good la..their kicking very power..sepak kaut gile..aku sakit kaki kanan..musle pain..bengkak..xleh nk sepak kuat xper..kaki kiri ader...that is my advantage.can use both legs ..right foot and left foot..then..sumak2 banyak goal..hehe..sakit kaki pom boleh sumak goal..happy2 ...then balik!tata

Monday, April 26, 2010

think about this..?

Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.
William James quotes (American Philosopher and Psychologist, leader of the philosophical movement of Pragmatism, 1842-1910)'re rite ....attitude is everything that can handle such thing easily..i do agree with this to care about our attitude??just think positive and be positive..we need someone to guide us if we are not really high motivated..i read a book from a famous motivator...just 10 steps to be positive..i just remember 5 of them which i think the most highlighted in that book,
1.say thank you.
2.i'm wrong
3.i'm sorry
4.i need you
5.i love you

say thank you,,no matter who you are ..where you are..just say a simple 2 words.thank you..i'll willl be nice and can give a great is raelly2 important..just appreciate them ...appreciating is very matter who they are...your mom,dad,brother,sister,bf,gf,friends, or even enemy...just say thank 'll be nice..huhuh

then..always feel u r not right..try to be in the wrong side..feel that u r guilt on something..don't always compalining and protesting on was not good at alll..just say sorry for my mistake..just feel like that..say sorry and feel wrong come together...

i need you and i love you also comes can i need you and i love you come together??
when asking a question..why do you love me honey??i love you because i need you..she that a good answer??it was not..totally not..that guy was very sad ..that guy said.. i need you honey because of that i love of..think about it..

i found you are the one's that i love..i decided..determined..onli you ..and you..i can't imagine to be separated with you..even i far from you..just remember me..i realli need you..just you..let's it comes's not long..just wait for a while..when i came back,i will be owez with you..i promised..this is promised..dear Wan nor syamimi ..i really love you!=)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

super doke happy.

hang out with her make me very excited..2 months xjumpe..mmg la rindu..adoi..dalam 2 bulan 2..macam2 perangai ader..adoi..kejap ok..kejap xok..bukan ape..jauh sikit je pom..and kadang2 mood kite xleh nk control..sayang mmg la sayang..cakap pom dah mmg cakap..promise ttp jugak settle..ish3..dah jumpe nie..baru lah hbs gusar di hati..uwaaa..i want to keep maintain okeyh ..i really2 need to be with you...u raelly2 need to trust me..what ever happen..i decided to be with you..just listen to me okeyh..i'll loyal and honest to you in any circumstances..Any circumstances..i hate that "playboy' calling name..because i'm not..that was over and past..and you yourself know me..i've spend most of my time with you since june 2009..then after that,we are starting to know each other..about the past story..yea..since u broke up with my best friends..uwaaa..i can't accept if anyone told i rampas you from my best friend..because after you both clash, i dah try nk u both baik2 kan??kt klcc i called you and give to talk with him rite??that is clear enough..not a problem at all..and as others said she rampas me from her bestfriends too?? it is was an old story...we are innocents at all..that was my last nite conversation topic with her last nite..huhuhu..about hang out..firstly we went to KBMALL yang teramat indah..hua4..she was very2 cute and comel sangat..wearing grey scarf..huhu..with scar on the face.hehe..hold hands..but don't know where to go..decided to go to pengkalan chepa..look for the Chicken chop..uwaaa..kat mane chiken chop nie??mane nak cari??ader ke ??odw p pc..adoi..cak pulok..chicken chop kat kedah??mane la nk cari kat klnta..whatever.pegi PC st..then pergi airport..hah..nk KFC kat airport??pk pk pk pk...last2 xjadi pulak..adoi..nk p mane ag nie???try2 pizza las pulok...uwaaaa..jatuh cinta ngn pizza jugak..b4 masuk pizza..jupe ex principle wan hamzan WanDaud..huhu..nusuk3 mimi,,nanti kantoi gak,,kne buang skolah..hehe..then makan pizza..supreme chicken plus udang ape entah..makan2 kenyang2,she belanja..uwaaa.baguskan..hehe..then p mane?aiscream??ais cream mane kah nak pergi??kb mall second floor?huhuh.jum3..akak aiscream satu..oi!nak oder kat depan bukan blakang!shit damn weird this person..dah la penjual jea..nak marah2 pulok,,ckp la ethical at all..tggu2 aiscream..dapat weffer pulak??adoi ..dah la marah aku..tetibe aku nk aiscraem bagi weffer..mangkuk la ..then t8 t8 pictures..hehe..jom2 balik..balik2 ....dalam krete..long that scene..smakin hari smakin sayang..motto rite??hehe..then went to pantai lagi..tgk2 air..nampak binatang ape ntah atas air..huhuh..then smyang lag..hehee..lepas 2 mkn mee hon sup..akak nk ORDER..hehe.then balik was best ever after hang out that i had!

Friday, April 23, 2010


our life is not always happy..sumtime we will be at the top..and sumtime it will not be as good as u thought..and if u put hopes on sumthing,it will not always be a reality..and if u really2 desperate to it..u'll not be able to control urself...if u are reali2 in else can help you..i gonna to be crazy if i really put prior on sumthim..if now i really2 feel to be honest and to express my to show it that i onli love her??that is CINTA..sumtime it will be good..and sumtime it'll not be as good as what we want....most of time i can handle this problem...and it will not affect me at all(if i just ignore this thing)..but how can to ignore if she is reall2 appear in my mind almost 24hours..??who will start first??since i have promised and really2 want her..plaese ...keeps it strong..10001 problems and negetive thinkong comes to my mind..once i decided..i have to keep it as my determination..once i ordy said that..i really2 meant that.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


about life at intec..urm..i donno how to comment on it because time is very2 limited and constraint. since in fall sem.i felt life in intec is very different..i have to decide by myself either to study or to play..i know, study is prior to other activities, but life without pkaying and ejoying is nothing.. i dun want to be a nerd student..i dun want to neglect my interst in sport...i have to entertain myself as well because if i always forcing myself to study ,study and study..i'll sure that ,it is very bad and unexpected...since i was in primary school, i used to be an active person that always balancing either study or playing..i love my childhood memories..i still vividly remember when i asking for the 2 pieces of 50SEN COINS from my parents because it was very2 valueable, instead, i don't want 1 ringgit money becasue one ringgit is onli one it is very little..i dont know y i used to be like that..2 pieces of 50sen is much expensive compared to 1 stupid i am??i have no furhter comment on that becasue i just can read when i was if stnadrt 4..i know,it is a little bit late..but that is my experince that will remain iin my mind..but is very2 busy..since Faris petra Science school till intec ..i have a bad experinced if i conclude it in a is very hectic and tiring..i have to follow all scheldules and rules is very bad as at faris petra ..i felt my life can be imagine as life in a hang out,no motocycle, no smoking, no bad dating and others life was manipulated at faris petra..some of them are good and some of them are not is all about experince..if my experince was manipulated, ho can i learn from my life?till when i have to follow all these rules and regulation?many of us at intec good in studying..but in our life..i have nothing to tell ...experince just from faris petra science school...the life that was manipulated...i want to learn sumthing from my life...i want independency...exam is over..

Friday, April 16, 2010

pastE-ing my memories in this blog since june2009...

28june2009...i have been officially become an intec student ...intec in the adfp program..AMERICAN DEGREE FOUNDATION sure..i didn't know anything about dis program..i just follow my sanubari....adoi....i went for MMs..that was very2 boring as i hate to follow such program at all..but i never complain about it..that day was very fantastic too as i got many friends from group members are temad,MC, kimi, yong....first week at intec..i ordy have many friends..they are very2 good and nice..i respect them most ..most of them got straight A's in thier exam...aiya yo..they are very clever..first month at intec was very great..we went to many places and tried many new things.snuker,bowling, karoe-k, and many more..that was very fast now i ordy in spring sem..fall gone ordy..i learnt a lot from summer sem..from the lil thing to the most important thing..during fall,i learnt english subject..that was very horrible as my english was very3 bad..i never use english language when i was in secondary school..and when i was in glendale class..i realised that , my english is very2 bad.. i can't speak english ..structuring the words is very hard..i didn't talk to my lecturers. my cgpa for the last sem that fully depends on english subject was very bad..i didn't pass the requiremnet..~menyesal..~

9 months..

dah lame xupdate blog...masuk intec lupe teerus dgn blog...tadi bace blog kawan2..macam best jea main2 sgn blog nie..cawak dgn gaye die lucu pon nak main ngn menda nie risau..takut jgk orang jumpe..hbs..pecah tembelang..kne silang habis2..ari nie xleh nk crite lagi panjang2..tggu nanti balik kat umah.baru nk tls smule2 pngalaman aku kat intec..