Saturday, June 5, 2010

fourth of june ..

friday morning it is a very good day..the day for muslim to improve themselves to be a good muslim..that sound good rite?hhoho..but the truth is..i was sleeping on the bed while my handphone alarm ringing and ringing..uwaaahh..damn nice to have this beauty sleep..moreover, last nite i slept at 4 o'clock...although the time is already 10 oclock...what did i do??to be frank..i do nothing...wasting my time..i cannot sleep..thinking about sumthing....i dont know why i always think about that..although i dont want to think about it..haha..that sunthing is secret 0ok..then at 2 o'clock.i driving back to my hometown>>kelantan terindah darul naim...that was a long journey's 7 hours from shah using my old fashioned car...=|..too sloooww maa..

after 7 hours ...I'm arrived home..hehe..i miss my family a lot..they are so meaningful to grandmother also at my home..hehe..she likes to make joke..when entering to my house.she pretending to die..uwaaa..she covered herself with blanket, funny..but scary..

then at night..i went to minum teh tarik at bandar just 3minutes from my home..that was cool..because i like to hang around's 2 o'clock..huhu.but..while having my teh brother got a shock when i was fainted ! first..i can feel the world become darker and darker..then i was like to lay on the table,,but it;s plastic table and teh tarik also on that table..i can't head dizzying a got spinning..i can stand on my feet..then ..i felt on the ground,,,haha..that was funny..but do u think it's serious..uwaaa..i have been suffered with this symptom since last 4's low blood pressure !and also hypo tension..the same disease with my father..haha..i got some scratches on my head and legs,.sakit urat!adoii..

now i'm recovering myself to be ok as soon as possible..i went to gymnasium and jog a lil bit and also playing badminton..just to balanced up my blood circulatory system!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


pourquoi il est arrivé? Je ne sais pas toute seule chose que voulez-vous de moi?? pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît me dire ce qui se passe?? qu'est-ce que tu veux de moi?? je ne suis pas assez bon pour vous? just over..between you and more sweet more ice more more more more just over when u decided so!i just fade up to hear your words!it is meaningless!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


errrkkk...just a smile..=)

duhai hati

je suis tres triste parce qu'il y a une personne qui me blesser..why it always disturb's unfair...parce qui?...i have no mood to talk about this anymore..sometimes it ok..but msot of the's not..ohh god,,please reborn me..i want to be a baby..then grow up..i want to forget the past.and i want myself to be the one who i used to be..i'm not who i'm am..i've change a lot...i want to be an AJE..the one who has high commitment..naughty..brave..curious..sengal..tolol..bahlul..happy go i missed all of them..please come back!i need all of that atitude!haha