Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's november evelvent!

it's 11 months!it's my first first time to have a gf till it exceeded 11 months!

Monday, October 4, 2010

this tonite,,

what am i doing at 2.15 am..am i online-ing on facebook??palying computer games??what else??...uwahhhhh..i did amaze of myself when i flashing back about the last sem..enjoy..movie..futsal..game..chat..lepak..sleep..whatver nonsense...uwahhhh..this new sem..it's really gonna to be a record!a world record..haha..i just knew life in intec..what is study ..and how to dic=vide ur time well..first test reminds me about the time..i have no time to play around bcoz time is goingto an end!the end when it decided where's my next station..UNITED STATES..or just staying in MALAYSIA..which one are u prefer first aje??if u didnt go to the states it means that u r a great losel..LOSER...LOSER...uwahhh..can't accept that thing in my mind!shud be avoided from talikng about such terrible thing people..!think positive!we can do it!the GOD had determined ur place!but..ohhh god,,,,i'm begging to you!i wanna go to the states!achieve my dreams!for sure!a biotechnologist.!i just wanna go there!take as much knowledge as i can!and do something good for my country and religion for my dad!for my mom!family!! and finally.pray for our happiness ..may god bless us!besides that!my love!she's mine!i love her so much!=0