Wednesday, July 21, 2010

scrap;tomorrow quiz!

hopefully the first quiz will be sumthing sum people sayin that ...starting with the good result and ending with a better result!so what..tomorrow might be the first quiz~!still hoping for the god's mighty to get a good result..dunno..this sem..i have been so serius for my calculus class as i have target!i want to get an's not easy to get's not possible as it's possible..but..i dun think that i have enuf exercises so far..and this is just the first few days of the class...what's next ?hopefully it's not hard as common rumors that calculusII is very2 hard to's is..but at least ...i want and A-..i want it ..can anyone please give me an A?

ok3!have to sleep earlier so that i have enuf energy to apply all knowledge that i had have in the exam tomorrow morning!=)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2.44 a.m

talking about the's the time to roomates having millions of dreams at 2.44a.m..but's different for me bcoz at 2.44a.m..i just finished my calculus exercises..uwaaaaaaaaaaaa...i'm sick of calclulus ..desperate to get an A..ohh me again to make it real..i wanna i wanna i wanna to get an A ..please..please..please..i'm begging to you god..give me an A for calculus..i want to prove to my my dad!i was insulted by my dad words when he said ..alaaa...blajar pon xlepas pointer nak kereta baru..uwaaaaa...heyyy la..uwaaaaaaaaaa..that's totally not a good advise..he always telling that words ..y dunt he applies other motivation method to advise me instead of using harsh words....i guess..harsh rite??hahaha..but it's ok bcoz of that sentence..i have been inspired to do better in my studies!who knows i'll get an A for calclulus bcoz of that will be witnesses to my victory soon..will see ya..i'm in full of spirit for calclus..make its consistence and steady...what we call as..istiqamah rite??huhuh..

ok..bye2..2.44a.m..2.54 a.m calling me to sleep!hua3..

Monday, July 19, 2010

sick of calculus II..

ohh god..hopefully you will give me a super power to do calculus very be such brilliant person!i want to get an A for calculus..i want to prove to myself and to my family that i can do it!i used to be good in math!but y not calculus..i'm sick of feeling bad of calculus!i dunno what to do when i have no choice..i have to do whatever given by lecturer!i have to get an A..god..give me ur bless..give me ur mighty..give my ur brilliant..send me an angle to guide me to do calculus exercises.!avoid me from any setan that disturbing my mind to be lazy as what i used to be..can u please guide me to the right part and avoid any such disgusting thing that may embarrassing me!
i just waiting ur mighty god to give such a brilliant ideas and mind that can i apply in calculus..haha..

what is my mom promise?
change hp if u got A for's damn cool rite?=)