Friday, April 23, 2010


our life is not always happy..sumtime we will be at the top..and sumtime it will not be as good as u thought..and if u put hopes on sumthing,it will not always be a reality..and if u really2 desperate to it..u'll not be able to control urself...if u are reali2 in else can help you..i gonna to be crazy if i really put prior on sumthim..if now i really2 feel to be honest and to express my to show it that i onli love her??that is CINTA..sumtime it will be good..and sumtime it'll not be as good as what we want....most of time i can handle this problem...and it will not affect me at all(if i just ignore this thing)..but how can to ignore if she is reall2 appear in my mind almost 24hours..??who will start first??since i have promised and really2 want her..plaese ...keeps it strong..10001 problems and negetive thinkong comes to my mind..once i decided..i have to keep it as my determination..once i ordy said that..i really2 meant that.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


about life at intec..urm..i donno how to comment on it because time is very2 limited and constraint. since in fall sem.i felt life in intec is very different..i have to decide by myself either to study or to play..i know, study is prior to other activities, but life without pkaying and ejoying is nothing.. i dun want to be a nerd student..i dun want to neglect my interst in sport...i have to entertain myself as well because if i always forcing myself to study ,study and study..i'll sure that ,it is very bad and unexpected...since i was in primary school, i used to be an active person that always balancing either study or playing..i love my childhood memories..i still vividly remember when i asking for the 2 pieces of 50SEN COINS from my parents because it was very2 valueable, instead, i don't want 1 ringgit money becasue one ringgit is onli one it is very little..i dont know y i used to be like that..2 pieces of 50sen is much expensive compared to 1 stupid i am??i have no furhter comment on that becasue i just can read when i was if stnadrt 4..i know,it is a little bit late..but that is my experince that will remain iin my mind..but is very2 busy..since Faris petra Science school till intec ..i have a bad experinced if i conclude it in a is very hectic and tiring..i have to follow all scheldules and rules is very bad as at faris petra ..i felt my life can be imagine as life in a hang out,no motocycle, no smoking, no bad dating and others life was manipulated at faris petra..some of them are good and some of them are not is all about experince..if my experince was manipulated, ho can i learn from my life?till when i have to follow all these rules and regulation?many of us at intec good in studying..but in our life..i have nothing to tell ...experince just from faris petra science school...the life that was manipulated...i want to learn sumthing from my life...i want independency...exam is over..