Saturday, July 17, 2010

where to ?

where to go when u have no destination?what is goal?what do u want?what do u need?what else?
who in ur mind?who are u?when do u want?which type do u like?

that is the question when we are talking about destination..uwaaahhh,,i have no regret to feel bad of myself..becoz for now..i'm doing bad thing that i havent done.when is the ending of this trashing action?i have to stop from doing such bad things as i don't want these activities annoyed me too much!yeah..for now,,,i noe that i'm not normal enuf and i'm not good as wat u expected from me..what dont i always remember my mom and my dad advises?who are they for me?they are the one who really concern about me...i did somehting wrong that i have to stop..i got the lesson and i havent think cafefully...what are the effects of all these things if i keeping doing bad?what shud i do to feel some regrets and guilty towards it?=(

i want to go to the states,,i have to get 4 flat for calculus II..and i have to score for other subject as well..

for this sem..i'll be taking calculusII ,chemistry,biology and islamic studies..chemistry?i have to get a good result as i used to be a good chemistry learner when i was in secondary school,,and biology..i have to get at least 3.0..ig good willing..and for calculus..i've to get at least a-..can i?
what is my cgpa if i get A- for cal II..A for chemist and B for biology..?
A for lab and islamic stuy.4x3=12
B for biology 3x4=12
A- for cal 3.66x5=18.3
B+ for pricnciple of chemistry 3.33x3=9.99
cgpa=2.96..uwaaaaaaahh~!!!nk graduate kat intec dngan 3 pointer and above!!!!please..