Saturday, June 13, 2009

when i wonder!!!

serius in study....
INTEC is waiting for me...and cendana study table is calling me
...i'm serius..i was determined to take this risk..
.so .this is my future and will me my life in the future.
..i'm a biologist.
...that will be happen..not an engineer anymore even my first ambition is bocome engineer...yeah...i was quit from asasi engineering at uitm s.alam...why i quit??{ilia question)??
there are some reasons i quit uitm for asasi engineering..
-first,engineering in local univercity not good so much..because in the lab that i was visited and
studied for a while almost all thing is made from other was thinking ,,why our
engineer do not have create such mechines even the was gradute??

-then,i think also..there was too many student in my class and tutorial..almost just uitm...not um...not uia..not utm..not upm..there are too many engineer that will be graduate at local univercity..that y i choose to prepare for oversea..

-then...during motivation session at dewan komplek sukan uitm s.alam..dr.roghaya said that i of al-quran verse said that..sesuatu perkara yang anda lemah dan takut untuk menceburui bidang tesebut sebenarnye bidang itu yang anda paling hebat dan mahir...kerana hanya allah yang tahu sesuatu tentang kehebatan diri kita..then..after her ceramah..i was called her for her suggestion and advises..she advised to me to grab the chance to studie oversea and do solat istikarah..yea..almost one month i think about the biotechnology or engineerring..

what is different ??
biotechnology=study about biology and research and create a new product or alternative for the limited sources such as oil,,,that industrial...but if in other part biologist will create a new organ for human..from clonning concept..(not impossible because nowdays heart,kidney,liver can be clone by using "tali pusat".that is biotechnolohy..
beside that..biotechnology create a new vaccine and bacteria for human of the most greatful product is insulin which is created from e.coli dna and .........(i'm fogot)......that is very useful for diabeties!!wonderful kan??
(it just a little example okeh)

engineer=also a widest fields...mechanical,chemical,civil,electrical,....also to create a new thing..yea..there is too widest to explain..but albert eistien was created many formula and one of the survet said that there is no more new thing in physics becaus albert was tell us all about physic.

p/s:ini bukan untuk melemahkan semangat para jurutera kite...ini hanya pembakar semagat untuk diri saye dan sape2 yang akan mengikut saye menerokai alam biotechnology....hehehehe..wait..jgn lagi ingat saya dengan matapelajaran physic and addmath...ingatlah saye dengan biology...huhuhu..walaupun sukar!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


thank u ilia..bagi smagat baru nie

...klu dah mmg 2 choice kite..

tuhan kan tlg kite erk. dah determine dah biotech..

.xleh nk ckp ape2 lagi
..uitm pon aku dah kuar..
no more regretful..

.kene focus la kan>>??:)ump...nway...

aku try my best..
tapi i have my own reason why i'm turning back from engine to biotech....

Monday, June 8, 2009

FUhhhhhh!!lame xupdate menda ne

9June 2009..fuhh...

tarikh keramat erk??

?um..agak lakeramat la kan...
sbb nye hri ni aku dah sigh out for uItm final choice is intech.
.i'm prepare for biotechnology

....adn if ok..i'll futhure my s2dy to us

...tapi akan..ilia pon dapat biotek gak..

tapi die dapt aussie,,,adoi..

.dio buat2 rse x adil lak ngan sy>???die buat2 xtaw yg die dak bijak??pandai??

buat pe nk risau....

alow...dah otak die briliiant..
baut2 rse xadil ...
xpew..t kt intch jumpe gak die.
.tapi lau die nyombonk
...ketok kpale k??ump....
..aku ni agak bingong la..
.skli mau engineer
...skli mau biologist...adoi.....
aku entahla nk ckp...