Sunday, June 21, 2009

slalu jew ade problems!!

today...adoi..pagi2 lagi dah kne pegi hospital..amik report x-ray..ade doktor nie ..xpaham..and mcm xpernah buat xray...dah isi borang aku..tapi xpandai nk buat reports,,,,then,,,pegi hospital pakar perdana..adoi...kne buat report baru..hah??habis 20ringgit duit poket aku..=(
then...p plak kat KB mall...ade teman aku 2 nak pegi saloon nye "shakira" nye comel le..tapi entah..nak xplain ttg minah nie..ape2 hal..mmg satu kepale ngn ak..then..maen snuker..alamk..malangnye..kalah jew 3games...=(
hbs duit....then??tggu shakira nie..adoi ..lamenye..cut rambut n clue..adoi..ape sangat la...then byar 34ringgit..fuhh...steady beb!!thrn..tggu pok cek,jepom,spyed,raqim,,,they all from p.mas,,,adoi,,,lame siot,,,tehm maen futsal,,,ump..malang lagi..kalah plakl..knape jew slalu kalah n ade poblem today...then..maen x sampai sejam...parents minah comel 2 coll suruh balik...klau x nk datang cari..adoi..masalah lagi...then..nak balik umah..terlepas slekoh lak..mcm2...ump...then..slamat le xkne marah kat parents minah comel is a bad day,,,,,but,,,ini telah pom menunjukkkan betapa serang ayah sayang pada anak nye..siap nk datang mari ambil lagi..tamye name penuh aku lagi??krete aku//plat krete last2 semuanye ok.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

explore this!

biology is a value able knowledge...this one of the ways Malaysian scientist want to invent a new vaccine of H1N1.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

say THANK to your PROBLEMS??

actually ...why i said that thank you to problems??yea..i know my friends,me,people around me,your relatives,your family,and many of us involve in that statement.but...what is different??the ways you solve your problems.
i was interested with that statements which is "problems" ..i was read a book which explain 1001 secrets of problems..
ok..lets see the point of views from two respective winner achiever about problems.
Donald J.Trump said that:winner see problems as just another ways to prove themselves!
and the genius Albert Einstein said that:it's not that i'm so smart,it's just that i stay with problems longer..
and bobby fisher(chess world champion) said that:people see problems as a game to be won.
and i was thinking and try to understand a single words that they said..why they can be very successful..Donald j.Trump with his reality program(the apprentice) and also listed as most richest person in the world amongst bill gates..
wow..i continue my reading until i found that statement.
"problems can be opportunities and also mind exercise"and maybe i still thinking how to convert my problems into that i have a big problems..i'll try to convert it to be big opportunities..
the advise here..
we must focus on the goals not the big the problems we have??it just a simple things..and sometimes not all problems must be take serious..
we have a problem here!!!check it out.
to my friends who is in loving mood ..dont be too serious with your relationship problems..dont be "stupid.. (sorry to say)..thinking about it too long..i means..crying because love..argue because love..fight because love..quarrelling because love..tension because love..bad mood because's not a relevant love anymore! ...our age is not too suitable to think about it..and if you really serious please did't disturb your study time..but..i dont said not to that relationship or couple..yes you can..but for the supportive,advises,release tension,share a problem,to be understand,to be be love..yea..i dont have a special girlfriend..because i dont like to have..i like to be friends with them and because that many of you said that i'm a!!i'm not!
so??that problems is too big for you?how to change it to be opportunities?i dont think that problem can be change to just forget about that simple problems..
now let's think who is the boss??you or your problems??give your answer by your own.
if albert einstein turned his back on problems,i doubt we can be as him today..but we can learn his approach...
so that is amazing rite about problems??it just for me to be free of problems..when i have a big ones..i also "pening kepala.."..before choose jpa i also was "pening kepala 1bulan,every single minutes "thinking about it..i determined for asasi kejuruteraan at uitm s.alam..but,,,2 weeks there..i turning back to jpa for biotechnology..i was determined to u-turn.nothing to be regretful..i'm happy with my decision.!
so..that all of my story after i read Donald J.Trump book.'think like a champion"

RM157!!just for medical checkup!

RM 157 was gone!
!adoi mahal siot..

..entah ape la yang penting sangat.??
just check darah...then urine..dah jadi RM157???
bukannye susah ..masukan dallam mesin jew kan?
??drug test??ala...aku xisap dadah!!rugi duit ak..=(

Saturday, June 13, 2009

when i wonder!!!

serius in study....
INTEC is waiting for me...and cendana study table is calling me
...i'm serius..i was determined to take this risk..
.so .this is my future and will me my life in the future.
..i'm a biologist.
...that will be happen..not an engineer anymore even my first ambition is bocome engineer...yeah...i was quit from asasi engineering at uitm s.alam...why i quit??{ilia question)??
there are some reasons i quit uitm for asasi engineering..
-first,engineering in local univercity not good so much..because in the lab that i was visited and
studied for a while almost all thing is made from other was thinking ,,why our
engineer do not have create such mechines even the was gradute??

-then,i think also..there was too many student in my class and tutorial..almost just uitm...not um...not uia..not utm..not upm..there are too many engineer that will be graduate at local univercity..that y i choose to prepare for oversea..

-then...during motivation session at dewan komplek sukan uitm s.alam..dr.roghaya said that i of al-quran verse said that..sesuatu perkara yang anda lemah dan takut untuk menceburui bidang tesebut sebenarnye bidang itu yang anda paling hebat dan mahir...kerana hanya allah yang tahu sesuatu tentang kehebatan diri kita..then..after her ceramah..i was called her for her suggestion and advises..she advised to me to grab the chance to studie oversea and do solat istikarah..yea..almost one month i think about the biotechnology or engineerring..

what is different ??
biotechnology=study about biology and research and create a new product or alternative for the limited sources such as oil,,,that industrial...but if in other part biologist will create a new organ for human..from clonning concept..(not impossible because nowdays heart,kidney,liver can be clone by using "tali pusat".that is biotechnolohy..
beside that..biotechnology create a new vaccine and bacteria for human of the most greatful product is insulin which is created from e.coli dna and .........(i'm fogot)......that is very useful for diabeties!!wonderful kan??
(it just a little example okeh)

engineer=also a widest fields...mechanical,chemical,civil,electrical,....also to create a new thing..yea..there is too widest to explain..but albert eistien was created many formula and one of the survet said that there is no more new thing in physics becaus albert was tell us all about physic.

p/s:ini bukan untuk melemahkan semangat para jurutera kite...ini hanya pembakar semagat untuk diri saye dan sape2 yang akan mengikut saye menerokai alam biotechnology....hehehehe..wait..jgn lagi ingat saya dengan matapelajaran physic and addmath...ingatlah saye dengan biology...huhuhu..walaupun sukar!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


thank u ilia..bagi smagat baru nie

...klu dah mmg 2 choice kite..

tuhan kan tlg kite erk. dah determine dah biotech..

.xleh nk ckp ape2 lagi
..uitm pon aku dah kuar..
no more regretful..

.kene focus la kan>>??:)ump...nway...

aku try my best..
tapi i have my own reason why i'm turning back from engine to biotech....

Monday, June 8, 2009

FUhhhhhh!!lame xupdate menda ne

9June 2009..fuhh...

tarikh keramat erk??

?um..agak lakeramat la kan...
sbb nye hri ni aku dah sigh out for uItm final choice is intech.
.i'm prepare for biotechnology

....adn if ok..i'll futhure my s2dy to us

...tapi akan..ilia pon dapat biotek gak..

tapi die dapt aussie,,,adoi..

.dio buat2 rse x adil lak ngan sy>???die buat2 xtaw yg die dak bijak??pandai??

buat pe nk risau....

alow...dah otak die briliiant..
baut2 rse xadil ...
xpew..t kt intch jumpe gak die.
.tapi lau die nyombonk
...ketok kpale k??ump....
..aku ni agak bingong la..
.skli mau engineer
...skli mau biologist...adoi.....
aku entahla nk ckp...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NEW sporting Frenx

PLKN members(serangga team)

aje---***** hitam-hehe
wan kadok-pacat
hanif-seput babi
pok jat-seput sedut

team qlate yang selalu ada problems!!ni lah geng2 sumbat ken jiwa murni...PT(perkara biase)

haha..i'm back

PLKn habis doh la....i'm so happy now!!???xsangat..PLkn is the best moments!!bercerita panjang ttg plkn k??...KEM JIWA MURNI GUNUNG SEMANGGOL PERAK....dekat2 dgn bukit merah....first day?wahh..xheppy...marah..GERAMJI(dak PLKN taw le meaning ni)....just kenal 2 3 orang jew....i'm in company SUKHOI(the great company)...then others HAWk..hornet..MIG..awal2 kiteorang kne buat KONTRAK KTE JANJi(kkj)...uwahh...kne bekerjasama antara member2 baru...susah le awl2 kte xkenal company kami gempak!!!lepasm2 dah kenal le ahli2 company...kelas2 character buildinig(CB),kenegaraaan,dll amat menarik la walaupun awal2 xseuke coz perassan terpaksa!!