Saturday, June 19, 2010

visit to rumah nur salam!='( are so nice and cute!..that was a great charity visit to rumah nur salam bcoz it was my first ever charity visit..yes..i like kids so much..even my cousins pun like me too much..children .. you are beautiful and can influence the heart, you are naughty and cute .. but .. when reminded again .. why did you stay there? why your parent left you there? I would like to ask about your parents. . Where are they?what is your responsibilities??who are you??how could leaving your kids to other person to t8 care of them??that is your responsibility!u have to t8 care of them..that is totally different between parent loves and nanny loves~!i just imagined myself at ur place..=(
i can't!!that is hard ..where is my brother?my sister??my house??my bicycle??do i have to line up for the food when i was a child? kindergarten ..but not at home!your life has been controlled by the are kids!not a prisoner..u didnt do anything are innocent!you don't know anything..??when is the ending of all suffering in ur life?where is ur relatives??why they didnt care about you??who will visit you ??uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...please them..give them a better future..they have to go to the school..gain some knowledge..they should !!!if not?who's gonna to t8 care of them when they become a teenager?
about they story..still xboleh lupa pasal akak..that girl yg baju purple..when i bring her close to the window..she keeps calling her mother...mama..mama..mama..and i asked her..where's mama??and she just simply point to the any women on the street.
that's very heartbreaking..kakak makan bnyak2 ok..bljar rajin2..=(
and about a boy plak..,namenya imran..dia tanya,,kenapa abg dtg cni..then i answered..nk tgk adik la.then dia gtaw..nak duduk dgn abg...then i like xtahu nak ckp touched my heart.=(..
i can't say anything..and your name is like my cousin name..imran..but you both are very cousin is very lucky bcoz his parents a contractor..anything that he wants..just tell to his mama..then he will get what he wished to get..easy right?uwaaaa..and b4 i leave imran..i told him to t8 care and makan banyak2 bia jadi gemok..=(
that was the best ever weekend that i have.beside of just doing's better for me to do sumthing good even it just once in my life..thanks god for this opportunity and for my childhood easy life with my parents!..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

satu minggu lagih!

the clock is still rotating..the time is going..going to the end..friends are leaving you ajeyy..they are going to the United states!!no more 11 guys in ur group..TEMAD,ZAIM,SAPEKK,PILUS,OMAR,HAZIM AYAM,AREPP LONDEH!..yg tinggal aku,mC,cawak and aiman messi..damn sad!!makin hari makin sayang,,that's our rule..luaran sumenyee nmpak kasar dalamnyee ader taman!taman yg dihiasi dengan bungaan2 mawar...sapek and abgnyee..zaim and adikknyee,temad and syazzie nyee..hazim dgn panjangnyee ..cawak pon dengan infinity punya crite...pintu hatinyee diketuk oleh dua wanita..yg punya ciri selama ini mc cari...hahah..guesss who?..then aku ddengan c++ nyeee..kegilaaan semakin menjadi2..kesakitan otak aku !!!..adoi..nak ungkit2 crite spnjang stahun kat intec mmg agak2 panjang!!!daripada aku xtahu ape2,,sehingga aku ++nbyak perkara!!!iwaaaaa..