Friday, April 16, 2010

pastE-ing my memories in this blog since june2009...

28june2009...i have been officially become an intec student ...intec in the adfp program..AMERICAN DEGREE FOUNDATION sure..i didn't know anything about dis program..i just follow my sanubari....adoi....i went for MMs..that was very2 boring as i hate to follow such program at all..but i never complain about it..that day was very fantastic too as i got many friends from group members are temad,MC, kimi, yong....first week at intec..i ordy have many friends..they are very2 good and nice..i respect them most ..most of them got straight A's in thier exam...aiya yo..they are very clever..first month at intec was very great..we went to many places and tried many new things.snuker,bowling, karoe-k, and many more..that was very fast now i ordy in spring sem..fall gone ordy..i learnt a lot from summer sem..from the lil thing to the most important thing..during fall,i learnt english subject..that was very horrible as my english was very3 bad..i never use english language when i was in secondary school..and when i was in glendale class..i realised that , my english is very2 bad.. i can't speak english ..structuring the words is very hard..i didn't talk to my lecturers. my cgpa for the last sem that fully depends on english subject was very bad..i didn't pass the requiremnet..~menyesal..~

9 months..

dah lame xupdate blog...masuk intec lupe teerus dgn blog...tadi bace blog kawan2..macam best jea main2 sgn blog nie..cawak dgn gaye die lucu pon nak main ngn menda nie risau..takut jgk orang jumpe..hbs..pecah tembelang..kne silang habis2..ari nie xleh nk crite lagi panjang2..tggu nanti balik kat umah.baru nk tls smule2 pngalaman aku kat intec..