Thursday, April 29, 2010

happy in worry

what the hell this title ?happy in worries?? what do you want?? happy or worry? is very hard to put in plain words..but I chose that title for my boring section tonite..yes..i’m happy right now…worry?yes I am…uwaaa..why both come together??u me to find the activities was very unpredictable and unconsciously happen..i even don’t know in real what I want to do and what I don’t want to do for today..uwaaaa..okeyh..started at 6.13..i woke up ..perform my was not early..because this is home not at cendana college..i performed my subuh then t8 a fast nap or in clear words..sleep again..hehe..then I woke up at 10 something..uwaaa..sms-es with dear mimi ..(the name that saved in my hp)..miss her so much as I thought yesterday was the last day of our date ..sob3..she’s going to play bowling after zohor at kbmall..uwaaa,,,I can’t go there,,I’ve to fetch my younger sister,akmal ucuk at mara kuala krai..damn mish her a lots..then I went out for lucng with hafeeze @PG at medan machang..hehe..he eat together with his girlfriends and other his ex-classmates..all gurls..huhu..he told me to sit beside him,,but I refused dor cetain reasons..who knows I reall avoid to sit with other girls..then at 2 ,,my dad called me to notice to me about my sister..don’t forget about ur sister ..go t8 her at 2…ok !then I drove to mara kuala krai…it was very short as just 15minutes journey..i didn’t know about this..heheh..while in journey I sms-ing with mimi seems bad as I unconsciously gave hope to her to meet her at kbmall..uwaaa..what the hell have I told to her?it just a simple kidding I guess..but it seems to be serious..then I really2 want to go to kbmall because of that simple promised..suddenly, the rains coming down…haha….cannot go la..bcause my st plan to go by moto kapcai..haha..then cannot go la..then what happening to mimi?she looks frustrated and bad was not a promise yet..don’t bad mood..i raelly2 fell bad if u bad me..uwaaa..trying to pujuk..but it seems to be nothing,,,sob..fall asleep as think too many..then woke up..i changed my mind..i go la..for you… there for one hour seems to be very fast..i really2 donno what I’m I really want to go to kb?/uwaaa…ok la..i go for the reasons to buy shock and short machang don’t have all these items?am I rite?hehe...i go there to play bowling with was a nice game as mimi was declared as a Malaysia bowling player..she’s good and accurate to longkang..hehe..that was the story..then go back more’s 12 oclock..forgot..why i chose this topic??becasue now i'm happy..but worry about who to keep this relationship okeyh as i never think about other girl in my life..uwaaa

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

today hang out..

today os our last day for date..because tomorrow i have to go to kuala day after tomorrow i've to go to pulau perhentian(family trip) sad..6minggu lagi baru dapat jumpe lagi..sob3......woke up at 6.30..then msg2 a while..then antar mak pergi skolah..huhu.umi aku cakap..aje anta umi k lau nak gune krete..hehe..ok mom..aje anta..hehe..p hantar..beli nasik..then balik umah..hehe..adik ku demam..xpergi skolah..adik2 mai pergi klinik...adik xboleh tdo jea..nanti makin teruk demam..adik jwb:xnakkkkkkk...uwaaaaa..xnak p klinik..adik2..makan ubat jea dah ok..xpom minum air..xpom mkn nasi..adik jwb:xnakkkkkkkkkkkkkk...adoi..lagi panjang jwbnye..urm..xnak sudah..hehe..tggu2 mase berjalan ..sampai kul 8..then tertido..kul9.45 baru bgun..hhee..mandi2 ,shampoo sket,,then pakai baju..kul 10.30 bertolak pergi bbq dengan memey mecdeq..biase la ...cuti2 nie memey mecdeq la.hehe..dah odw p kb..then tnye mecdeq,nk naik kete ape??toyota ke kete waja?haha..waja...uwaaa..memilih..knape..??kete abg xder aircond..panas ,,xromantik..haha..mcam2 skrang..dlu awal2 date naik kete buruk jea..dah naik skali..terus xnak lagi..haha..padan muke..then gtaw mimi..pergi ngn kete toyota nie..hehe..cuak sket die..bersedia la mental and fizikal k??hehe..then sampai la ke destinasi..pengkalan kubur..atau telaga lenas..hehe...then tggu mimi..datang la die tergedek2..uwaaa..tgk muke die dah cukup nk pujuk aku yg sedih sbb smlm kne tinggal macam 2 jea..uwaaaa..then p pengkalan kubur..jalan2 jap..then minum air...air milo beng 2..huhu..minum2 air...then bayar..and tetibe ..mimi bawak gelas skli nk pergi..oi..nak curi gelas ke mimi??haha..adoi..apenie...malu2..hehe..then letak la gelas,,nasib baik xder orang nampak..hehe..klu x malu besar..then pergi jalan2..makan chicken chop..best2..hehe..boleh tahan wlupun kedai nampak cikai..jangan judges book by its cover..haha..then p smyang..huhu..then balik umah mimi..borak2 dengan abg mimi?(abg li) n others..tanye sal minyok..sedak la kijo g2..2000+ sehari boleh dapat..huhu..untung2..sbulan lau macam 2..dah 60000,,,banyak kan..hehe..then p BBQ!uwaaa..bakar2 ayamm and amik2 gambar..sedih2 nak tinggal nie..pesan2 dlu...xnakkkk gadoh2 jea...penat....then dah hbs bbq balik..salam dlu ngn abg..nk tinggal ..=(
uwaaaa..goodbye..amik baju jersi hoki as peneman tidoo ok..miss u a lots..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

menerima sesuatu yang xleh diterima..

sakit kepale+sejokk kaki..i'm trying to avoid think about that..yeas..i did it...but my legs and haed still rase "ngaaa ngaaa ngaaa"...then sejok2 beragin naik ke atas..kenape kah...dah pandai buat pandai tanggung...just to be fair..i'll try my best...when I try to be seems hard..when i try to lie..i can' answer is honest even it hards ...=(

menyelam sambil minum air=)

apekah itu menyelam sambil minum air??do two works in one time..isn't it?that was happend to me just woke up at 11..uwaaaa...last nyte tdo lewat sangat..kul 4 baru tdo..buat ape?huhuh..t8 a very fast shower ..uwaaaa. at 11a.m still cold..the water biting my skin..sejok la!huhu...then calling2 my frineds to hang out for general and scientificially to play futsal at real 7 futsal ....huhuu..pagi2 tu mmg la xder orang nak main..kire2 orang ader 8orang...uwaaa..nak main fitsal ape 8orang,,,then call2 kawan..calling my friends from politech kok lanas..yea..they have a team to played with them..pukul brape main ??3??aik2..smlm set at 3??why suddenly change? lied from pokko..he knows i'll be late if he tell it is at 2..i ordy at kbmall..we went to eat at kakwook stall..that nasik keropeh amat sedap sangat...hehe...murah pom murah...ayam banyak ..air tea o beng +nasik keropeh yang banyak n lauk banyak onli 4 ringgit..really2 cheap and satisified with that price..after that ,we went to play pool..hehe..the result is usual..i lost...then one of my friend PG with his gf..uwaaa..jelous2 they can hang out..ok2..i wait my GF too...mimi mekdik...datanglah..cepat2..hehe..3.12..she arrived..dia nak main bowling dengan abg n kakak die..taw2 penuh plak..hehe..then xjadi main kat they went to billion..but b4 go to billion shopping center..we have to use our time wisely and effectively,,go makan aiscream first..walking..walking..and walking toward kedai aiscream..who is the waiter?hopefully kelmarin punye waiter xkerje hari nie..dah garang..marah aku..xbetol !!kepale senget!hehe..jeng2 ..orang lain waiter..a lil bit nice la..tegur customer baik2 aja..huhu..then coklat aiscream ordered!then eat together2 ..check line dulu nak suap pom..haha..kiri kanan ats bawah..ader kakak mimi x??xder..bukak mulut..muahh!hehe..makan aiscream...check line lagi,,nak suap lagi..cepat2..bukak mulut..muahhx.makan lagi..hehe..amik gambar pulok?then check line lagi,,,takut kantoi..malu2!hehe..dah dapat!satu keping gambar bersama..then pergi kat sad lau nk kne tinggal gak..nak pergi main futsal da nie..shake hand st..mintak restu..hehe..uwaaa..sad=(..
esok jumpe lagi....

then p main futsal..plitech team a quite good la..their kicking very power..sepak kaut gile..aku sakit kaki kanan..musle pain..bengkak..xleh nk sepak kuat xper..kaki kiri ader...that is my advantage.can use both legs ..right foot and left foot..then..sumak2 banyak goal..hehe..sakit kaki pom boleh sumak goal..happy2 ...then balik!tata

Monday, April 26, 2010

think about this..?

Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.
William James quotes (American Philosopher and Psychologist, leader of the philosophical movement of Pragmatism, 1842-1910)'re rite ....attitude is everything that can handle such thing easily..i do agree with this to care about our attitude??just think positive and be positive..we need someone to guide us if we are not really high motivated..i read a book from a famous motivator...just 10 steps to be positive..i just remember 5 of them which i think the most highlighted in that book,
1.say thank you.
2.i'm wrong
3.i'm sorry
4.i need you
5.i love you

say thank you,,no matter who you are ..where you are..just say a simple 2 words.thank you..i'll willl be nice and can give a great is raelly2 important..just appreciate them ...appreciating is very matter who they are...your mom,dad,brother,sister,bf,gf,friends, or even enemy...just say thank 'll be nice..huhuh

then..always feel u r not right..try to be in the wrong side..feel that u r guilt on something..don't always compalining and protesting on was not good at alll..just say sorry for my mistake..just feel like that..say sorry and feel wrong come together...

i need you and i love you also comes can i need you and i love you come together??
when asking a question..why do you love me honey??i love you because i need you..she that a good answer??it was not..totally not..that guy was very sad ..that guy said.. i need you honey because of that i love of..think about it..

i found you are the one's that i love..i decided..determined..onli you ..and you..i can't imagine to be separated with you..even i far from you..just remember me..i realli need you..just you..let's it comes's not long..just wait for a while..when i came back,i will be owez with you..i promised..this is promised..dear Wan nor syamimi ..i really love you!=)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

super doke happy.

hang out with her make me very excited..2 months xjumpe..mmg la rindu..adoi..dalam 2 bulan 2..macam2 perangai ader..adoi..kejap ok..kejap xok..bukan ape..jauh sikit je pom..and kadang2 mood kite xleh nk control..sayang mmg la sayang..cakap pom dah mmg cakap..promise ttp jugak settle..ish3..dah jumpe nie..baru lah hbs gusar di hati..uwaaa..i want to keep maintain okeyh ..i really2 need to be with you...u raelly2 need to trust me..what ever happen..i decided to be with you..just listen to me okeyh..i'll loyal and honest to you in any circumstances..Any circumstances..i hate that "playboy' calling name..because i'm not..that was over and past..and you yourself know me..i've spend most of my time with you since june 2009..then after that,we are starting to know each other..about the past story..yea..since u broke up with my best friends..uwaaa..i can't accept if anyone told i rampas you from my best friend..because after you both clash, i dah try nk u both baik2 kan??kt klcc i called you and give to talk with him rite??that is clear enough..not a problem at all..and as others said she rampas me from her bestfriends too?? it is was an old story...we are innocents at all..that was my last nite conversation topic with her last nite..huhuhu..about hang out..firstly we went to KBMALL yang teramat indah..hua4..she was very2 cute and comel sangat..wearing grey scarf..huhu..with scar on the face.hehe..hold hands..but don't know where to go..decided to go to pengkalan chepa..look for the Chicken chop..uwaaa..kat mane chiken chop nie??mane nak cari??ader ke ??odw p pc..adoi..cak pulok..chicken chop kat kedah??mane la nk cari kat klnta..whatever.pegi PC st..then pergi airport..hah..nk KFC kat airport??pk pk pk pk...last2 xjadi pulak..adoi..nk p mane ag nie???try2 pizza las pulok...uwaaaa..jatuh cinta ngn pizza jugak..b4 masuk pizza..jupe ex principle wan hamzan WanDaud..huhu..nusuk3 mimi,,nanti kantoi gak,,kne buang skolah..hehe..then makan pizza..supreme chicken plus udang ape entah..makan2 kenyang2,she belanja..uwaaa.baguskan..hehe..then p mane?aiscream??ais cream mane kah nak pergi??kb mall second floor?huhuh.jum3..akak aiscream satu..oi!nak oder kat depan bukan blakang!shit damn weird this person..dah la penjual jea..nak marah2 pulok,,ckp la ethical at all..tggu2 aiscream..dapat weffer pulak??adoi ..dah la marah aku..tetibe aku nk aiscraem bagi weffer..mangkuk la ..then t8 t8 pictures..hehe..jom2 balik..balik2 ....dalam krete..long that scene..smakin hari smakin sayang..motto rite??hehe..then went to pantai lagi..tgk2 air..nampak binatang ape ntah atas air..huhuh..then smyang lag..hehee..lepas 2 mkn mee hon sup..akak nk ORDER..hehe.then balik was best ever after hang out that i had!